a new look

Old school

So when I told a few people that I wanted to put wallpaper on an accent wall behind our table they looked me like I was crazy! Of course being the self doubting artist that I am, I almost didn’t pull the trigger. How sad would I  have been to miss out on this fun new addition to our home. After a long search for the perfect paper, I landed on this http://www.hyggeandwest.com/collections/pattern-people/products/forest-leaves-white-1 from Pattern People. Not only do I love this design, but even better they are local artist from Portland. 🙂 When I say I love this wallpaper, I think that’s an understatement. Something unexpected, and an added bonus, is that it reminds me of my childhood kitchen. At a moments glance  I am pulled right back to my childhood kitchen with big floral wallpaper and orange carpet.

Going GRAY

After 6 yrs of brown beige I thought it was time for a change in our living room/kitchen area. One of the benefits of living in a small home is it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to make changes like paint color. For months I have been Pinning, trolling Craigslist, dragging my kids to fabric & thrift shops on the hunt for treasures to do this small facelift.  I’ve also finished a ton of new paintings, that I wanted to find a home for on our walls. So the first step was picking the paint color.

Choosing the perfect gray proved to be very challenging!! After going though what felt like a million samples of gray we finally landed on Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud . It was the perfect gray for our walls, and I feel like it showcases the white accents in the room well.


Wingback lesson 101:

I purchased this wingback off of Craigslist for $20. It was a dingy color blue fabric that I can’t say I loved. So, I had it reupholstered in a fabric that I DO love. Lesson learned though, if you ever get something reupholstered spend the money to have it done right. I went the cheap route and regret it!! There’s no going back now, and I was reminded of a valuable lesson, “you get what you pay for”…..

Paperzone gone but not forgotten!!

See the desk behind the couch, I picked that up for $15 at the Paperzone (one of my fave stores ever). Sadly it is closing, so they were having a liquidation sale. I love this desk and I often sit at it early morning to do painting (like the family portraits below). Although, I have to admit it would make me feel a lot better if it wasn’t from one of my favorite stores that was being forced out of business by this horrible economy. As silly as it sounds I will always have a fondness for the Paperzone. When we lived in the Bay area I would drive over an hour to get to Corte Madera to shop there. My husband loved to make fun of me, but it was always worth the drive.



7 thoughts on “a new look

  1. Julie says:

    I love your style! We are looking for a new house…do you hire out as an interior design consultant? Give us a shout next time you are in Bend.


  2. kellie raz says:

    Kim, you’re so talented. I loved peeking into your home–so fun. And I love, love all the decor. The gray is perfect and I’m obsessed with the wallpaper and your overall story. Thanks for sharing. You’re an inspiration! xoxo, Kellie

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