Taking time to smell the roses

Taking time to smell the roses

The other day my Dad brought by these roses from his garden.  And every morning when I wake up to dark rainy skies, and stumble in to my kitchen I am a little bit happier b/c of these gorgeous flowers!

As Summer approaches, I am really going to try and “take  time to smell the roses”. It’s such a simple concept, to take it slow and relish the little things in life, but yet sometimes

it’s the hardest thing to do. Especially in the middle of the post office when I am trying to get a shipment off, and my kid’s are  screaming & whining  about something inconsequential, meanwhile

the lady at the post office is giving me that “get your kid’s under control” look. Yes, it’s really difficult to remember that mantra in those moments. That being said,

these roses were a gentle reminder to me to take time out to embrace the simple pleasures in life.. So the next time I will do my best to hold back the urge to say “hurry up” when my kid’s

are  literally stopping to “smell the roses” in the garden…


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