solid gold and succulents for like now….

I am the first to admit when it comes to my home I tend to embrace design trends like my boy’s with a good superhero. I generally take my love for something and wear it out fast and hard. I suppose  to a certain extent that’s what makes it a “trend”, right?

Anyway, a few things that appear to be “having their day” in the design world, and that I am eagerly adopting all over my house.

1. Succulents.… I love these little guys. If nothing else, they make my happy. Although I inevitably kill them after a few short months they are a genius way to add some green in to your space. I feel like before you started seeing terrariums everywhere, it was hard  for most of us to inject green into our living space. I either found myself with some sad fern in the corner, or a random unknown plant that felt so Mr. Rogers.

2.  GOLD… and I mean gold everywhere it seems! I am now a proud owner of a gold lamp, gold frames, and some few misc. gold tchotchkees. I am sure by the end of it’s reign I may own some piece of gold “ish” furniture. I am a little reluctant to do that b/c of my space issues, and when it comes to design trends it’s probably a good idea to stick to some smaller accessories so that it’s easily changed out.

Here are some shots of the little guys here and there in my place……


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