I have been reluctant to share a ton of personal info on this site, as I want to keep it  as a sort of journal primarily showcasing my artwork and/or design related ideas.  I also want to use this site as a vehicle to provide insights in to my inspiration and creative process, and really what’s more personal than that? So while maybe I’m not always divulging intimate details of my life, I am still putting my heart and soul out there in every print I draw and  highlight.

Also, after my last petty “woes me post” I wanted to share a bit about someone in my life who is a true source of inspiration.  My dear friend, who I have known and loved since college was diagnosed earlier this year with cancer. It’s a very aggressive cancer and one where that the odds are very much against her.  I know you are always hearing about how important it is for people with cancer to have a fighting spirit in order to beat it, and honestly as a daughter of an Oncologist, I tend to be more jaded and a non-believer. However, through all my tears & fears I have been beyond amazed and inspired by her courage and spirit. She’s never once pulled a “woes me” or let her sickness have the upper hand. Throughout her month’s of chemo she continued to live life. And when I say “live life” she traveled, exercised, dined out, did life plus some. The funny part is, it wasn’t like she did all this as a kind of “bucket list” type of thing, it was more because that’s who she is and she wasn’t going to let cancer stop her from doing any of it. I aways knew she was a fighter,  in fact, after college I lived with her and our other best friend who was a teacher.  And as a first year teacher, our friend, was ALWAYS getting sick and then getting me sick, but not her!  So we jokingly nicknamed her “Unbreakable” after the Bruce Willis movie b/c she never caught anything!  Really, until she got cancer she pretty much never got sick. Unfortunately, when she finally did it was one of the worst kinds. True to form though she fought it hard and won! After finishing her chemo treatment last month, her diagnosis is “CANCER FREE”. Her doc said she’s one of the 10% of survivors, which is nothing short of a miracle. Although in this case I can’t  (and won’t) give the miracle full credit, b/c that would take away from my dear friend’s “UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT”. Love you, BG!

**  The picture above is the two of us this past weekend at her Remission Celebration , where a bunch of us rented a double decker bus and wine tasted in style!


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