Merry Merry here we go…


In all of this season’s craziness I almost forgot about XMAS cards, until we got our first few last week which turned up the pressure cooker.  It’s funny b/c the past few years I’ve sworn I wasn’t going to send any, but every year I cave.  I decided not to mess with the entire dreaded process of dressing my kids up and forcing them to look merry & bright, even if it’s raining and miserably cold…all to get the perfect Christmas card shot. So, this year my people are getting a little family portrait illustrated by yours truly.


When we got married I made this plate for my husband as a wedding gift. Sadly it broke when we moved back from SF, but I still love it. It’s fun to look back at and see how our little family has


Happy & Safe Holidays to you!




4 thoughts on “Merry Merry here we go…

  1. Thank you! OH how I would love to do custom orders! If only I had more time. Eventually as I am able to do this job as a full-time gig I am hoping to do more custom and card work! Thanks, Kim

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