Preserving our future



Happy 2013 to you! As my family leaves 2012 with a heavy heart, I wanted to open the New Year’s up with a lighter heart….

On our back porch sits a wall of glass jars and bottles (pictured above) awaiting use.  My husband has had a long-standing passion for canning, pickling, fermenting and a general love for manipulating food. I suppose that’s what you get when you mix a Bio major, Foodee, and a small % old world preservation into one man. 🙂 So, b/c of this love he received the Art of Fermentation book from his sis for Christmas- (side note) she is the best gift giver ever, always gifting such personal and insightful treats. Anyway, as we embark upon another year, I am so excited to see what my husband is going to fill each jar with. Ironically, I am generally not a fan of most pickled or canned foods, but I do LOVE the idea of preserving and curing our food. It’s an art form that was seemingly lost somewhere between Walmart and McDonald’s drive -throughs. Although I have seen a resurgence –especially amongst our friends & family–my hope is that he’ll pass this love on to our children, and that it will become more of the norm once again, rather than something that their great grandparents did so long ago.

Cheers to preserving our future…..


One thought on “Preserving our future

  1. this is wonderful! my dad has a garden and does his own canning and pickling.. he will visit at the end of jan. and promised to teach me a few things about it.

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