I left my heart in?

What city did you fall in love in? Mine was Eugene, OR.  Not the most romantic of cities really, but I imagine most people’s love story starts somewhere far less glamorous than a Paris or Florence. The funny thing is I  bet that the majority, if asked, could tell you everything about the city where they fell in love. Like the place where they first met, or had their first date and/or kiss. So many times when I am drawing a city I can’t help but think of those things. I suppose that’s what makes a city special, it’s the people and their stories that ultimately connects them to a place. My next two cities, Sydney and Richmond, may be far apart on the map, but I am sure share a common bond of amazing love stories.



Also, in honor of romance I will be re-releasing my Champs Elysees print for a short bit, as it reminds me of the time in my life when I first fell in love with my husband.



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