One room at a time

We did it, we moved and now the fun begins!! We decided to start with the living room, and the two upstairs bedrooms b/c we aren’t doing any major reno’s with any of those rooms. Don’t get me wrong, we are still changing pretty much everything about them cosmetically, it just means we won’t be doing anything structurally to the rooms (yet :-))  First order of business, we had both of the upstairs bedrooms and our living room painted, b/c my entire house inside and out was seriously dipped in some hideous butterscotch beige color-minus a few of the bedrooms –see the listing pictures below from the previous owners, need I say more……


13165806_13_0 13165806_8_0

We painted all three rooms a neutral grey color, it’s actually the same color we used in our last house for the great room update .  Personally, I think when you paint a room grey it helps maintain a modern consistent look throughout your home, especially when you have eclectic taste like mine.

Next up, the fireplace. Do you remember this post??  I picked up this tile from Rejuvenation here in Portland over a year ago, it was in the salvage yard and it’s far from perfect. However, I can honestly say I LOVE this tile.  It’s imperfections and weathered look doesn’t bother me one bit.   I was just waiting to find the perfect use for it, and I think I finally did with our new fireplace in the living room.

Here are some shots of the living room in progress.

{ This pic is one of the listing photo’s from when we bought the house }  My personal fave is the pimp lamp (as my husband and I call them), in the corner.


{Here are the walls with a fresh coat of (NIMBUS GREY-MARTHA STEWART) paint, and the brick around the fireplace painted a darker grey color to go with the tile that’s going in on the base}


DSC_9159 DSC_9161


{Here’s the tile that’s going to replace the tile on the base of the fireplace}



Next update will be with the hardwoods, crown molding and tile in!! Man, my husband has some busy upcoming weeks. 🙂


4 thoughts on “One room at a time

  1. Love it so far. I agree…my almost entire house is light grey…such a great neutral that people often overlook. Cannot wait to see your progress!! I know it will be awesome.

  2. Cannot wait to see the progress!! I agree that grey is such a great neutral color. Almost our entire house is grey…people overlook it a lot. I know your house will be awesome….excited to follow the progress.

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