More remodel pics

Here are some more shots of our master bedroom and bath remodel. Let’s start with the bedroom.

upclosebed    MASTER2


dresser2This room is everything I wanted it to be and more! I love the double doors going out to our patio. It’s not huge, but it fits all of our furniture in it, and we wanted more room for the bathroom and walk-in closet.

On to the bathroom of my dreams. No joke, I will go in to it a few times a day and look around. I seriously can’t believe that it’s done, and we LOVE it!



showerbathy bathshelf bath I don’t really know what I love the most about it. If I had to pick though, I would probably say the shower tile floor. DSC_2865

It’s seriously gorgeous!! We got all of the tile from I will be back for more when it’s kitchen remodel time.

Last but not least is our powder room. It used to be the old master bedroom’s closet. Funny thing, it’s actually about the same size as my old master bath.



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