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Today, as so many of us do, I reflect on the past year and can’t help but feel extremely grateful and lucky for a year of health and prosperity. I realize that it’s a precious few that actually have both in their life, and I try not to take this for granted.  On a personal note, it was a milestone year for me turning the big four zero, and although I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled about leaving my 30’s, I can honestly say that I have everything I could ever want in my life. I have a healthy family, a home that we are making our own (one remodel at a time), friends that are unconditional, and a job that I love!  Even as I write all this it sounds kind of “Mary Poppins-ish, ” but it really is a superecalifrag… well, you know.

On a professional note, this year has been the best one yet. I feel incredibly fortunate for everything. On the busiest of days over the holiday season as I was busting my hump to get orders out in time, (literally sweat’n to the oldies) I recognized how lucky I felt to be doing something I love, even if it is a stressful and busy business. All that said, this was  a year of big wins for Albie Designs. While luck and timing certainly cannot be discounted, I am going to take a moment to be proud of myself. As hard as that is for me to do, the truth is I worked hard, and sometimes I just need to take a moment to step back and acknowledge the successes. When you work for yourself it’s easy to forget to hit pause and reflect on completed work, and even pat yourself on the back. I guess if I am going to do such a thing, the final day of the year is a good place to look back from.

Peering into the rear view mirror of 2014, here are some of Albie Designs highlights:


Pretty much the only marketing I do is through other blogs which has become increasingly harder to do in an over-saturated market. I tend to target the popular design blogs that I love, but they have larger audiences as well. The are also usually very difficult to get mentioned on, as you can imagine they get thousands of soliciting emails similar to mine, and therefor response is rare. These are a few of the blogs that I was honored to be a part of last year,


Zulily Sales

I had three successful sales with Zulily this year,  with the last one that I did right before Thanksgiving being the best one yet!! I did almost as much in sales in a 3 day Zulily sale, as I typically do in a quarter from my Etsy shop. It was a big win for Albie Designs!

Domino–oh how I LOVE you!

One of the biggest heart stopping moments for me this year was when I saw in my INBOX an email from Domino Magazine wanting to feature my work on their website. I literally almost peed my pants. Domino is by far my favorite design magazine publication out there. My best friend and I joke about their book when it was released that it was our “design bible”…. seriously!!  So you can imagine my shock and excitement when they responded back to my message to them. I was convinced it would be placed into the folder of rejected emails with all of the others.


Property Brothers (HGTV)

In 2013 I received a lovely email from a woman named Nicole asking me if I would mind if my work was featured on an episode of Property Brothers. She and her husband were going to be on an upcoming episode, and had shown my work to the Property Brothers and they liked it so much they wanted to put it in one of the finished installed rooms. I was of course thrilled at this opportunity, and then it was a waiting game. Nicole wasn’t sure when the episode was going to air, or even if they would show my prints as part of the episode after all the editing that occurs. It was scheduled for spring time, but ended up actually showing in August 2014. I was at the beach with family, so it was so fun to watch it with loved ones. The episode was almost over, and in the final minutes lo and behold there they were a few of my international prints. It was amazing!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find the full episode online, and so all I have is this poor image of it taken by a friend who was watching the program.


To wrap up this rather long post, I couldn’t be happier with 2014, and I am looking forward to exciting stuff already in the works for 2015!! I truly hope you had a great year, and the next one is even better!!


Top image source found here https://www.etsy.com/listing/110903160/home-wall-decor-quote-print-for-wall-she?ref=br_feed_53&br_feed_tlp=new-years


4 thoughts on “2 0 1 4

  1. Kellie Raz says:

    I just got all emotional reading this. I’m so incredibly happy for you!! Of course you use Domino as a measurement of success, makes total sense. Being the HGTV freak that I am, and huge Property Brothers watcher, I almost peed MY pants to hear your work was featured there. Cheers to your success, Kim! I have a hunch 2015 will be even better. I love your story.

  2. Amy says:

    So incredibly happy and proud of you. Follow your dreams to the stars and beyond – there is no better measure of success than happiness and I truly see your happiness in everything you do. Love you dear friend.

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