Paint it

Abstract it

I can’t say I’ve always been a big fan of abstract painting, but OH MY how I am changing my tune now. I love the freedom it allows. Not having been formally trained as an artist, technically I am an “art school drop out”, I think I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of doing abstract work. In general, I am completely intimidated  by the highly educated artists out there, but I will say as I’ve gotten older I don’t care as much. I guess I am learning life is too short to let your insecurities dictate your life. So, for now I’ll keep on painting….

The painting below was inspired by another amazing photo my Dad took.

I have been trying to get back to my first love of painting! It’s been difficult b/c I want to keep updating my city collection, but I know there is a big part of me that needs to step away from the monitor and pick up a paint brush.

My Dad is a retired Doc with  a million and one hobbies, and one of them is taking great photos! He sent me some recently of some birds that I was in love with.  Here’s my painting version of it in black and white….


2 thoughts on “Paint it

  1. kellie raz says:

    Hi Kim! Did you paint the one at the top? With the yellows & blues? OMG….I love it!! I frequent your site for inspiration and share it with others. I may hire you to come to my house for a paint color and furniture consult. Do you do that?

    • Hi Kellie! Thank you so much!! How flattering, I’ve never been hired to consult on anything interior design related, but I would totally be up for it. I think Crissy, Erin and I are planning on going to dinner nxt Fri, if you can join we can chat about it. Would love to see you!!

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